[Q] How to purchase?

  1. Login/Register” an account first before any purchases can be made. Click to watch tutorial videos ( English / Malay / Chinese )
  2. Head to “Online Store” page & search for the products. Click to watch tutorial videos ( English / Malay / Chinese )
  3. Select required quantity & click “ADD TO CART” button on the product page.
  4. Repeat step #2 & #3 to continue shopping or adding more products into the cart.
  5. Click “View cart” to view & modify selected items.
  6. Click “Proceed to checkout” & then “Place order” to submit your order.
  7. You will then be contacted for final order confirmation, shipping charges as well as any other ongoing promotions available.
  8. Once final confirmation done, please proceed with payment accordingly via “Internet banking”. A copy of final confirmed order (PDF) is available & ready to view through email or ”My Account” page.
  9. After payment, please send us the payment details as below:
    a) Attached payment slip:
    b) Your Order No:

** Shipment will only be carried out upon payment confirmation **



[Q] What are the payment methods available?

Internet banking only for now:

    • Bank : MAYBANK
    • Bank Account : 5071 1633 2078



[Q] Why should I buy in bulk quantity?

There will be FOC item given based on quantity tier purchased. Therefore the more you buy, the more you get. (quantity tier as shown below)

FOC for bulk purchases:
(only applicable to single model & product)
Purchase (pcs) FOC (pc/pcs)
12 1
24 3
36 5
52 8
100 20




[Q] How to change my account personal information and shipping address?

  • Log-in your account –> Click on “MY Account” –> Edit your account information under “Addresses” or “Account Details” tab.



[Q] I forgot my Password for my account. What should I do?

  1. Click on “Forgot your password?” and fill in using your registered email or username.
  2. A verification email will be sent to you. Follow the link in the email to create a new password.



[Q] Can I cancel an existing order that have been made?

Yes, only if the order is still under “payment” status. However, orders that are under “processing” will not be cancel.



[Q] What is the product’s transaction currency?

All transaction will be done in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) currency only.



[Q] How long does the delivery usually takes?

Delivery duration usually takes about 3 to 7 working days (applicable to West Malaysia only).



[Q] Do you deliver to East Malaysia?

Yes, we can deliver by sea or air freight based on your preferred method. However we would only arrange & charge transportation from W-Standard HQ to the port only (West Malaysia). Any other additional arrangements & charges from the port (West Malaysia) onwards are to be bear by customer.